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Welcome to Intermedia!

Intermedia is a production stream in the BA program in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University. This stream is open to all students enrolled in the department. Our aim is to provide a safe and highly motivated learning environment where everyone can get access to a network of budding talents, free and up-to-date additional learning materials, and exciting activities to enrich and build everybody’s professional edge next to promo incentives.

As a university-sanctioned organization, our focus is to inform students about the curriculum, field, and career pathways of communication studies. Concordia University, through the Intermedia production stream, holds social, academic, and career-related events that are crafted to the betterment of each learner’s personal and career advancements.

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Why Join Intermedia?

By joining Intermedia, you help establish rapport with fellow communication majors, develop an edge to land great internship institutions and possible careers, and most importantly, help polish your resume.


With journalism playing a significant role in the global communication landscape, it is important to train and hone an honest and transparent next-generation journalists.

Concordia University is dedicated to promoting the free practice of journalism and stimulating high standards of ethical behavior. We encourage the free flow of information that is essential to a well-informed citizenry. We work to inspire and educate budding journalists through freedom of speech and press.

Intermedia connects with professionals in the industry. We journalist students have access to the industry where they can get a glimpse and understand its world beyond the classroom setting. Here, they can also connect with professionals and get useful insights they can apply to their growth in the department and in their career later on.


Intermedia empowers students to be ethical and effective communicators. Along with this, we help mold their leadership skills as they immerse independently in their communities in the future.

Intermedia has a culture of transformational communication and leadership skills as the code of the day. Our goal is to produce well-mannered leaders with great and effective communication abilities.

Additionally, we help students deal with competitive speech communication for those with special disabilities. We have programs and events catered especially for these students.


Students from undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs are welcome in Intermedia. Our members include specialists in planning, art direction, and media copywriting. We have a diverse community of advertising students whose varieties of specialties, experiences, and interests create an exciting platform for growth and development.

Intermedia partners with other organizations and local businesses related to promotion, advertising, and marketing campaigns. We also provide tutorials and events for digital advertising. Members gain first-hand experience in all components in creative management. It’s how they build their edge for their career’s success later on.

Come and Join Us Today


Involvement in Intermedia is a great way to develop your networking skills, meet new friends, create a positive impact on the college, hone your abilities, learn from each other’s specialties, and explore career options.

Become a part of highly motivated learners. Expand your social and professional circle. Grow your talent with us.

For more inquiries, you can come to our department office and speak with us directly. You may also give us a call or send us an email. Whichever works best for you, we’ll make sure to discuss your matters just as soon.