3 Things to Land Great Internship Prospects

Internships are one of the most anticipated events in a student’s life. It’s an exciting adventure as learners finally get hands-on training in the industry. They’ll get a feel of what it’s like working in their respective fields. It’s also when learners get additional knowledge and insight about their future career to insure and go for it.

But internship programs need to be carefully planned too. Of course, it is one of the important factors that make you a competitive candidate in a company. Recruiters are more concerned about where you had your internship and your roles and responsibilities during the program.

A more elaborate and dutiful internship in a respected institution gives you more chances of booking into bigger companies with better roles and career benefits. Thus, make sure your internship experience is groomed for better employment after getting your degree.

1. Immerse in different activities.

multi taskYour classroom distinction is important, but recruiters want real-life work experience. They want someone who has lots to offer in the company while saving on cost and efforts for employee training.

That’s why you need to join as many events and activities as you can. Consider having training and certificates in your undergraduate years. Build a network of pros and peers. Volunteer for non-profit organizations. Find activities that are useful for your career such as City tour reviews online.

These events will help mold a lot of your skills, such as communication and leadership abilities for starters.

2. Score a good first impression.

If you are eyeing for an internship position in one of the popular companies in the industry, best assured you have a sea of competitors out there. These companies receive hundreds of resumes a year. It is your job to make sure your application stands out.

To create a good and lasting impression, put all useful information about you and your abilities in your resume. Address your application letter to the one in charge of recruitment. Avoid spelling mistakes, triple check when you can. And of course, avoid copy-pasting generic letters and resumes from the internet. Personalize it as much as possible.

3. Prepare for interviews.


If you’ve been called for an interview, then that’s a good thing! You’re one of the hand-picked candidates by their recruitment team. To forge your success in this internship prospect, make sure you do well on your interview.

Pool as many generic questions as you can on the internet and look for the proper ways to answer these interview queries. Then, you can personalize your answers and add your creativity into the mix.

Recruiters will likely remember you if you add character into your interview. Create a comfortable ambiance. Make your responses as interesting and informative, use short and honest replies, and be confident. These are the keys to strike another good impression with your recruiter.

Also, you need to make sure you are well-dressed for your interview. Anything smart and casual is acceptable. Avoid too revealing clothes. And lastly, smile a lot.

Good luck on your internship!