Electronic books and machinima

by Tagny on February 15, 2012






As my colleague Dr.Matt Soar notes in the previous post, we have seen some exciting changes in the content and direction of the Intermedia Production Stream. We are dedicated to promoting thinking through making, or simply put, combining practice and theory. Our courses challenge and encourage students take creative and intellectual risks with various forms of analog and digital media. ( I like to think of it as “media gymnastics”.)

Last semester I gave a bookmaking workshop to both Intermedia 2 and 3 classes and we had some wonderful projects come out of it. Here is a sample of some book projects made in Intermedia 3  incorporating Arduino microcontrollers and  sensors. (See above). The Intermedia 3’s also developed two-minute machinima videos earlier in the semester. These videos were made in Second Life, a multiplayer real-time virtual world. Students built 3D graphic objects together to create a new Intermedia 3 production space/gallery and then staged their projects for the machinima video. (See below). This semester we will be working on a microscopy animation project using an inverted tissue culture microscope, Dragon Animation and After Effects software. The production of all this can be seen in the final exhibition we are planning to showcase works by Intermedia 3 and Intermedia 2 in April 2012.

(Photo credit: Tagny Duff, Top left image: Lowell Gasoi, bottom left: Maia Bridi, Middle image: Renee Goncalves, Top right hand image: Lowell Gasoi, Middle left: Bottom Left: Julia Haney. Video Credit: Sean Fraser)

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