Workshop with Vincent Morisset (3/28/13)

by Matt on March 29, 2013

vincentOn March 28th, students in Intermedia II and III had a rare chance to meet and work with a leading talent in the world of online creative innovation. Vincent Morisset is the creator of, most notably, Bla Bla for the NFB and two interactive music videos for The Arcade Fire: Neon Bible and Sprawl II.

In this afternoon workshop, organized by ace Intermedia III instructor Emily Pelstring, Vincent spoke about his creative approach, and then worked with the students to create short interactive experiments using the ‘engine’ he had developed for Sprawl II. Each student created a 60-second video and chose a favourite mp3. Vincent combined these together, and each student was then able to control the speed of the video using physical gestures (ie dancing!). The results were fun to watch and remarkably affecting.

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