Intermedia Alums

It’s relatively early days for the Intermedia production stream, but we already have some terrific success stories to share. Many of the alums featured here came through the Department at a time when ‘Intermedia’ was just a twinkle in the eyes of a few faculty members. They took now-retired courses such as COMS256 Intro to Digital Communication Media, COMS399T Special Topics: Intermediate Digital Media Production, and COMS490 Communication Programming. Others were the very first students to take our renamed courses COMS274 Intermedia I, COMS374 Intermedia II, and COMS474 Intermedia III. All continue to distinguish themselves with creativity, hard work, and uncommon insight.

Daniel Laurin
Name: Daniel Laurin
Current position: Grad student
Year of graduation: 2008
Work: Straight Guys

“IT TOOK ME A LITTLE WHILE to get back to school, but now I’m currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University. My thesis research centres around Straight-Guy Porn: gay pornography featuring heterosexual performers. I’m speaking to porn stars, porn theorists, porn historians and porn bloggers about this curious phenomenon and its possible repercussions in a time when teens and young adults are learning so much about sex and sexuality online. I’ve been lucky – I’ve gotten some funding and have been able to travel to New York, London, and California talking to experts and sexperts in the emerging field of Porn Studies. It’s a bit of a jump from Intermedia, but the skills and ways of thinking I learned in the program have helped me enormously along the way.”

Guillaume Dubois
Name: Guillaume Dubois
Job Title: Chargé de comptes
Year of graduation: 2010
Work: Rinaldi Communication Marketing

“CRÉER, SE TROMPER, réessayer, s’améliorer, répéter la formule : voilà les pratiques de travail véhiculées tout au long du cours Intermedia. Ce que j’en retiens ? Sans doute la rigueur créative et la motivation avec laquelle j’approche chaque projet.

Pendant mon Baccalauréat, j’ai occupé un poste à teneur administrative chez Rinaldi Communication Marketing. En y partageant activement mon désir de créer, j’ai rapidement fait valoir ma capacité à ajouter ma couleur au processus créatif des campagnes publicitaires. Depuis maintenant 3 ans, j’alterne donc entre gestion de projets et conception de toutes sortes dans cette agence de publicité montréalaise. J’ai également ajouté une corde à mon arc en comblant, en 2010, le rôle de directeur artistique de l’Organe, le magazine francophone de Concordia.

Je n’avais pas encore terminé mes études de premier cycle et je s’avais déjà que ma soif de créer à l’extérieur du contexte professionnel était loin d’être assouvie. Je n’ai donc su résister à l’appel académique en débutant, en septembre 2011, une maîtrise en media studies ici même à l’université Concordia. Mon intention est de réaliser un projet pratique qui révèle les dynamiques et les conflits de la numérisation de la musique. Une fois terminé, je poursuivrai mon travail chez Rinaldi pour combler un poste qui cette fois-ci sera dédié entièrement à la création.”

Kennetha Story Name: Kennetha Story
Job Title: 3D Animator
Year of Graduation: 2008
Work: Ubisoft Montreal
Demo Reel: 3D Animation

“MY INTEREST IN ANIMATION was first sparked in my second semester of Intermedia when I was still experimenting with Flash. During my final semester I moved away from my initial interests in rotoscoping and began experimenting with hand keyed animation in 3d applications. Upon completing my degree at Concordia I enrolled in a 1 year intensive animation course provided by the Ubisoft Campus. After much seclusion and working around 16-hour days on purely animation for the final months of my degree, I managed to stitch together enough material to finish my first demo reel. Being a long time lover of video games, working as an animator in the games industry is the best place I could ask to be.”

Molly Kholi Name: Molly Kohli
Job Title: Web Content Manager, CBC Montreal
Year of Graduation: Spring 2007
Work: CBC News at Six Montreal
Home: Molly Kohli
Student Assignment (COMS374): Mesa 14

“I JUMPED into the Intermedia production stream in its ‘beta phase’ – and have not looked back since. Definitely the best decision for me, especially considering the increasing high impact and value of the web – not only as a medium in itself, but also significantly as a vehicle for integration between video, sound, image, and information. In my final semester at Concordia I applied for, and was lucky enough to get, an internship at CBC in the Department of Partnerships and Special Projects. Since August 2007, I have been working as CBC Montreal’s Web Content Manager – the first one ever hired in Montreal! I create and manage content for multiple CBC programs, but am focused mainly on CBC Montreal’s evening news, CBC News at Six. I also work with various teams to coordinate integration between CBC Television, CBC Radio and Working towards on-air work… to be continued.”

Jeremy Clarke Name: Jeremy Clarke
Job Title: Lead Tech and Design for Global Voices
Year of Graduation: 2006
Work: Global Voices
Home: Simian Uprising

“I MANAGE, DESIGN AND PROGRAM the various sites that make up Global Voices, an international non-profit that reports on and supports blogs and other citizen media in the developing and non-western world. This involves XHTML, CSS, PHP and general knowledge about the many open source server and web applications involved in site development (WordPress, Linux, etc). I was hired by a designer I met at a party because I was wearing a Creative Commons shirt, he hired me a year later when I posted photos to my Flickr account. Born from the ashes of web 1.0 I’ve turned blogs and open source software into a profession. I’ve run my own blog for 5 years now (which is how I learned the whole deal in the first place).”

Brooke van Mossel-Forrester Name: Brooke van Mossel-Forrester
Job Title: Online Communications Officer, Icograda
Year of Graduation: 2006
Work: Icograda and ICSID
Home: Portfolio
Volunteering: Taking Root

“SINCE GRADUATION, a great deal of fortunate events have brought me to where I am today. In 2006 I did a summer internship under the recommendation of Matt Soar, with the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda), helping with their website and other communications tasks. I also worked that summer, under the recommendation of my TA, Miriam Verburg, for Studio XX, a feminist, artist-run, digital media center, helping with a digital archiving project, called Matricules. That fall, Icograda hired me part-time to transfer the content from their old website to their new one, which took me over a year. In that time, I was also hired on a part-time basis to work for Studio XX as their web manager for a year. During this year I also did a graduate diploma in Community Economic Development at Concordia, which luckily had classes only on weekends.

In the fall of 2007, I was offered a full-time position to work with both Icograda and it’s partner organisation, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), as the Online Communications Officer. I now manage both of their websites simultaneously, as they are mirror content-management sites. In my volunteer time I am the Communications Manager and a board member for a Montreal-based, youth-run, non-profit organisation that I helped form, called Taking Root / EnRacine. We are an environmental and education organisation doing reforestation and ecological preservation through community-based projects in Nicaragua.”