Rotoscoping is an animation method which has been used since the earliest days of film production. Classic examples include the Disney character Snow White, the light sabers in Star Wars, and Richard Linklater’s film Waking Life. It involves drawing frame by frame, most often directly over live action footage, and is can be time-consuming. In these classroom collaborations, we have updated the technique, using digital video and Flash.

The Poem of the Transparent Girl by the students in Intermedia I (Winter ’09). Source video from Brett Gaylor. We paid particular attention to the colour palette, which in this case was drawn entirely from nature.

A short animation for La La La Human Steps by Nancy Essebag, Andrée-Ann Lavoie, Shiva Majidi, Lauren Mercer-Smail, Gabrielle Ratcliffe, Deanna Reasor, Lisa-Marie Veillette, and Charlotte Wevers. (Intermedia II, Winter 08).

Experimental animation produced by Intermedia I, Winter 2008. Instructor: Matt Soar. Sound design: Owen Chapman. Teaching Assistants: Daniel Laurin and Kennetha Story. This is a parody of Steamboat Willy (1928), which was itself a parody of Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928). The animation is in sixty-five parts (one per student), each one making reference to one or more events or moments from one year in history, starting in 1928 and ending in 2008.

A piece created by the students in Intermedia I in Fall ’07 for Brett Gaylor’s Open Source Cinema Project. The resulting documentary, RiP: Remix Manifesto, premiered in Montreal in October 2008.